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Don't wait to be ready, You are already ready

I am supporting and guiding those who want to find their Peace of Mind, Body, Spirit
I serve others helping and showing them how to remove that which separates them from the Truth of who they already are using new knowledge learned during sessions and what they already know, in the depth of their being.

I am not a healer,
I guide people on how to be more emotional intelligent, to recognize and use self-agency and extreme ownership of their responsibility in taking charge of their own life, teaching how to use presence, awareness and mindfulness by using vigilance as a powerful tool to identify how to be in charge of their own emotions, feelings, behavior,LIFE

You are not your thoughts, emotions,sense perceptions,and your experiences. You are not the content of your life.

You are LIFE.


You are THE NOW.


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The only constant in human existence is CHANGE

* Are you interested in personal development and self-awareness?

* Would you like to learn how to understand your emotions and subconscious mind?

* Would you like to learn how to deal with stress?

* Would you like to know how to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns. 

* Do you want to improve your relationships with others and understand their emotional responses?

* Would you like to heal past traumas and emotional wounds? 

* Are you interested to learn how to develop emotional resilience and become less reactive in stressful situations?

 Then you are on the right page, I am here to be of support for you, just a click away, for a 60 minutes free consultation.

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Learn More About Me

Getting to where I am so GRATEFUL to be today,

was not an overnight journey but a Continuous  one, so I can be the best of me,

so I may support and guide You through your process to live your life as The best of You

And the Story of my personal development journey started in 2009 out of a strong desire of understanding other people's behavior,

and I thought that the best way is to begin with myself, as I was not in a very good place, in fact I felt at my lowest point in my life, I was depressed, confused, uncertain, unhappy, unworthy, vulnerable, on the verge of despair, lacking in confidence, disappointed about myself,

exhausted .... in need of a CHANGE , and  since then I have never stopped LEARNING

 I have studied Counselling Skills/Psychoanalysis with The Institute of Transactional Analysis,

I have studied with Skills to Change Institute and I am a Certified Level 3 Faster Emotional Focus Transformation/Eutaptics  Practitioner/Coach

I have studied with London Coaching Academy, Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching,

I am a graduate of Life Accelerator Course with London Real Academy

I have also studied different techniques like

the Science of Epigenetics Neuroplasticity of the Brain  with

Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

Working with Abuse Trauma and Narcissism

Patterns of Behaviour: Habits

NLP Communication Skills

Time Line Therapy  

Now, in my Coaching sessions I teach PRESENCE, Awareness and Mindfulness using my own method called

Mind Your Mind Transform Your Life 

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We depend on Nature not only for our physical survival.
We also need nature to show us the way home,the way out of the prison of our own minds.
We got lost in doing,thinking,anticipating, fearing,
lost in a maze of complexity and a world of problems.
We have forgotten How To Be, to be still, to be ourselves, to be where Life IS:

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Career Coaching Session

Are you really happy with your career?
How enthusiastic are you, doing your everyday job?
Do you believe that your profession is what you really want to do?
Career is not only about Finances...

Networking Event

Relationship Coaching Session

How would you feel to know we have a relationship with absolutely everything in our lives, inclusive with ourselves.
Yes, the quality of relationship you have with your Self, reflects the quality of relationship you have with everyone and everything in your life, therefore the quality of experiencing this Life.

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

Life Coaching Session

To live your life the way you want it takes * Vision of what you would like to create for your Self,

* Courage to step out of the comfort zone and willingness to do things that scare you,

* Audacity to be Authentic 

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Desired or not, Change is happening anyway, no matter what we do,
we might as well embrace it and find wisdom in the process.


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