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How to deal with the PAIN body

The Ego creates the world to appear hostile. Making it look as if the whole world is against you

Even though Presence arising in you, you may still have moments when taken over by “ pain body “...wakes up from a dormant state looking for an opening of where it can go in your mind I.e. driving through traffic and you get a little upset in that moment it is enough for pain body to get inside mind and all kind of thoughts arise upsetting you

Before you know it, a small thing transforms in a huge thing of negative energy and you totally identify with the pain body, the pain body becomes part of the self,

Adding to the already charged ego, in need of more drama ( default mode of unconscious mind )

The human body has an addiction to emotional pain , the thinking feeds the emotion and the emotion feeds the thinking, it is the vicious circle and that is how you get drawn into the negative thinking about everything in life .... all that is, is the expression of human unconsciousness and the pain body , as Jesus said “ they know not what they do “ they are completely unconscious in other words .

And when that is the case, that creates suffering ...sometimes when you recognise that, the reaction can make you unconscious attention in present.

And the pain body makes people believe that something is wrong with them ,,, and when the pain /suffering is too much suddenly you say I can not live like that anymore, if you are present you can detect all the above and avoid all that happening ...when you are aware/conscious you realise “ what was that, what was all that about “in many cases much ado about nothing “

It is easier to see it in others than in yourself.

But if you are genuinely present and the other person can become conscious of the moment, you can say “yes you are right”

Pain body is a challenge but it is not personal it does not mean it is something wrong with you .

Usually when the pain body arises between the time it does and the time you become conscious the dimension it gets shorter and shorter as you become more conscious and you catch it in time it will begin to subside.

You can not get rid of pain body, from time to time it comes up to feed from the emotion and be you ...presence puts light on it and the pain body does not like that,

And it tends to shrink back into a little corner somewhere in your body, this is how consciousness works,

Sometimes even when you are in the midst of it, you are becoming present and realise you are acting out old emotional pain , dissociation can happen and you can step out of a role, out of that energy field, and look at it as if it is a phantom you recognise what it is happening and then it can no longer last for long, it starts to shrink back.

As you are more and more aware/conscious the pain body can not come out to feed itself with emotion, by bringing consciousness to it that trapped energy it becomes free

It has a function to feed consciousness it is a spiritual teacher, one of your spiritual teachers.

Some thinks they are their emotional pain, and there are times when that becomes unbearable, that is when they say "enough is enough I have to do something about I can not live like this any longer", they look for help, becoming conscious you get rid of that self the old self the one who believed it is emotional pain, Ego induced pain.... realizing egoism living creates pain/suffering, ....that artificial induced sense of self disappears,

Pain is not who you are , it is simply an energy that lives in you for awhile, better become friendly with your pain body, is the most powerful transformative tool, sometimes the pain body it manifests Now, so you want to be friendly with it now, simply accept that is, therefore can feel it that implies you know it is there, if there is presence in you then you can accept it you can be friends with it , pain body is part of human evolutionary process, nothing personal.

"Person" translated from Greek means mask, and image, a role, an act ..... I am

gets mixed up with thoughts and memories and patterns of the mind with the story , there is something precious in the story, not the story, is the consciousness in the story the divine one self...

I am here Now...

inspired by Eckhart Tolle, one of my favorite teachers :) after Jesus

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