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Change, there are times in our lives, sometimes more than once, when we reach a point, where we feel something needs to change within us, not just around us. Most of our lives, we learn and believe that what we had been taught, what we see socially, is determine who we are, and with that belief we limit ourself and become someone who we don’t want to be and who is not our authentic self. We start to blame, our environment, everything and everyone but mostly we start to punish ourself with negative thoughts. And trust me that thing is one of the most dangerous thing what we can do to ourself, it can be addicted, and there are a point when we feel we can’t stop. And slowly the pieces of our lives could start to fall apart. But should we blame anyone at all…? Or is it just to accept what happened and take responsibility on how we react or respond to our lives. One of the biggest lessons, I have learned from Rodica. Since then I am questioning myself, am I, react or respond? I was never think about this negative talk as an addiction, till on our first session, Rodica pointed out to me, what am I doing with myself. That was one of the things what shocked me and there were couple of others but I needed to hear them, to see them so I can change them. This is not my first time, when I felt that I need someone to guide me, to help me during my years I was and not gonna lie still struggle, I am still a negative self-talk addiction. But from now on I can call it, self-awareness and now I know if my old believes, my old programmed mind kicks in, I have some tricks how can I distract my mind and focus to be more present and be me. Thanks to Rodica, who opened a door for me with her sessions, a door where I don’t want to enter but I had to. I have known Rodica for 2 years now, I am grateful that I can call her my friend as well. That is why I felt honored when she took me as one of her clients. Rodica is someone who borne to help, to guide others, that is her calling. I cant explain, but if you take her sessions, if you talk with her, You will understand that something about her is magical. Even the sessions were online, I was not felt for a second that I am alone, during the difficult times, she could reach you and shake you up if needed via a screen. Sometimes during our sessions, I just felt peace, just because of her atmosphere and how she responded. I cried, then I laugh then cried again, when we talked about deep staff, her sessions are a safe place. Her questions are sometimes insanely punctuations for self-recognition. With her techniques she can teach you how you can recognize the unhealthy habits on your own and change those. Because we all can change our lives, that is one of her most important lessons. That we all can change what we are believe, what we are think, and who we are becoming with a single thing. You just need to be aware and present. I got homework`s, not saying that I enjoyed and did all of it every single day but the journaling, the notes during my days on what I feel, how I react, respond helped me a lot to become more aware and recognize my negative self-addictions. I am not saying, I loved every minute of it, but I am more relaxed and feel more peace, also can control how and what I think. At least most of the time, still on my journey, still need to practice but as Rodica says, once we step on a self-development road there is no turning back, you keep going because there is only one destination is going forwards with gentle and patience with ourself during the journey.

Thank you to be part of my self journey, to support me, to help me, to be my guidance. I know I still have a some mountains behind me, which I have to break through but I know I am going to crush them with your lessons/sessions

E. Nagy


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