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How to detox Your Mind, Body And Soul after a Narcissistic relationship

Living with a narcissist not only that you feel as if you are drained of life but it feels like you are being poisoned.

The only way to get them out of your life is literally to detox from them.

First you have to let them go, by recognizing the fact that they are bad for you and your life,

Learn to say "NO" to all their "invitations" back in their game, you may not be able to control what they do, but you can control your actions, your decisions, just step out of their drama game.

So how do you do that ? By making a conscious decision “I will no longer participate in your game”

By doing just that …

Then, learn to say YES to YOU,

How? By start filling that emptiness formed by letting go of all that emotional abuse , with lots of kindness and love and support, understanding and validation, positive energy and truth towards your soul, find support from a dear loving friend, or a family member, who would be willing to help you regain your autonomy.

You have to understand the truth about " narcissistic supply "

Narcissistic supply, above all, is psychic and parasitical. If you have fear and pain inside you, that the narcissist has been able to activate, then he or she is getting a feed from your emotional energy.

This is what narcissists live on – the fear, dread and powerlessness of others.

Knowing this will help you understand that the narcissist’s game plan is to keep you hooked and unable to detox from them,

There is only one way to effectively detox from a narcissist; by turning inwards to make this vital emotional detox all about meeting your Inner Being and healing yourself.

Taking back your power, means letting go of the stories in your mind of “what happened to me”, and turn inwards with self-love, and say “What part of myself requires my healing and support to never again be vulnerable and allow such people invade my heart, my soul, my life?”

You will start to be aware of how powerless the narcissist is when they can no longer "impress" you with their game.

Be calm, clear, powerful and with integrity create new healthy boundaries and continue your healing process until you get rid of all fears and needs for their " attention " .

That will place you into your most powerful position, to gain your freedom back.

And you will start to miss them less and less, and enjoy living your life understanding you do not have to dedicate your life and waste your energy to someone who constantly makes you feel like you are not good enough... because this is what emotional abuse does...

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