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Grateful to be Alive ...

" I am not being dramatic to say, that the teachings and guidance and support Rodica offered me, saved my life, but she has done that, without her I dont think I would have got through this difficult time,

Her empathy and compassionate ways together with her great knowledge of how human mind and body functions, helped me "trick" the cancer.

Having been diagnosed with a parasite by my GP, after months of treatment with no results I have asked for a colonoscopy, with results showing a tumor in my colon, and the bad news was that it was malignant.

Needless to say i was struggling with this outlook, in fact I felt devastated, and even thou I have a family, somehow felt more comfortable to share all my worries about my diagnosis with Rodica,

I knew of her work, and as Rodica is a friend of mine, she kindly offered to support and help me to go through this very bad time in my life starting with teaching me how to overcome all my worst fears and anxieties.

Shortly, I had an operation then chemo and radiation followed by another operation and further chemo. This left me totally drained. But thanks to Rodica, throughout the treatment i believe she taught me how to be in the right frame of mind, she helped me to change my mindset to not only defeat my fears which makes things much worse by being stressed caused by associated chemicals the body responds with, but what she taught me helped my immune system functioning well.

She taught me that the mind is a very powerful weapon in the fight to survive, that the mind can work in our favor or against us, the mind may create happiness but illnesses as well, It is the mind that creates our life, the good news is that she taught me how to control my mind, and she did that by helping me understand how my mind operates, and the connection between my mind and my body, and how to take charge of my thinking.

Her teachings have totally transformed the way I am now. In her work she has used different techniques and skills of healing, but what I have found most helpful was her professionalism, her empathy, her patience, the safe space she always offered so I could feel comfortable to share with ease about unpleasant feelings and past experiences, and all her teachings and techniques and methods that helped me in a very fast way how to work with my beliefs and memories, and all past emotional traumatic experiences, she taught me about the power of words and how they can affect us.

I now No longer get stressed as i have learned to pay attention to live life mindful in the present moment, with awareness and gratitude for my life."

my eternal gratitude to Rodica

Thank you Bob Russell

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